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    Welcome to Square Forensic Advisors

    Square Forensic Advisors PVT. LTD. is Govt. listed and COURT APPROVED, Premium Grade Private Forensic Laboratory which offers an array of forensic services for Court & Non-legal Purposes.
    Square Forensic Advisors provides array of forensic services and experts under one roof. We undertake cases and assignment related to QDE (Questioned Document | Signature | Handwriting Examination) | Fingerprint Examination | Mobile Forensic | Cyber Forensic | Audio-Video Forensic | Forensic Speaker Identification | Criminal & Corporate Investigation | Fire Forensics | Vehicle Forensics | Incidence reconstruction | Forensic Training etc.

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    Questioned Document / Handwriting
    Mobile Forensics
    Cyber Forensics
    Audio/Video/ Image Forensics
    Speaker Voice Identification
    Social Media Forensics
    Crime Scene Investigations
    Fire/Arson Investigations
    Law Firms
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